Windows 10 update brings time-saving features

With the “April 2018 Update” Microsoft provided on Monday the next major update for its operating system Windows 10 for download. New features such as “Timeline” or “Focus Assist” should help users to work more efficiently. The update will then be delivered automatically from May 8 onwards.

The “April 2018 Update” promises, according to Microsoft “highest security and advanced features (…) and provide a time-efficient use.” For example, the new “timeline” feature displays the last activities retroactively in chronological order for up to 30 days. Websites, applications or documents opened days or weeks ago can be called up without a longer search in the last used state. This works according to Microsoft even cross-platform on iOS or Android devices when users are logged in with their Microsoft account.

Concentrating on essentials

Focus Assist” function promises support for productive work by hiding distracting notifications from emails, calls or social media. Once the concentration phase is over, users will receive – if desired – a summary of the suppressed messages. “Focus Assist” can be adapted to the respective work situation: Specific contacts can be selected and their messages and calls can be put through despite the function being activated. It is also possible to preset times of the day when the function is automatically active.

New features for Microsoft Edge

Innovations are also available for Microsoft’s Edge browser. With a click on the audio symbol tones can now be muted directly in the tab. Click again on the icon to cancel the mute function. Edge now also supports reading books or PDFs in full-screen mode for trouble-free browsing. Online shopping is also made easier by allowing users to securely save their payment information for automatic filling in the browser.

With the new print function, however, supported websites can be printed in a tidy format without annoying additional information. If you need help with reading, you can use the new “Grammar tools” button to activate learning aids. Grammar tools can break the words on the displayed website into syllables and highlight sentence blocks such as nouns, verbs and adjectives.

New dictation function

Also new is a dictation function, which – assuming a microphone – considerable simplification when writing short notes or entire texts is to bring. So users can now click into any text box in Windows 10 or in an app and start a voice input by pressing the key combination “Win + H”.

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