Eight crore to be spent on beautification of Vishnupad campus

Under the “hridya yojna”, the beautification of the Vishnupad temple complex will be done at the cost of eight crore rupees.

For this, the meeting with the Municipal Commissioner Janardan Prasad Agarwal and members of the Temple Management Committee has been held in the House Committee. Several members including the committee’s president Kanhaiya Lal Mishra took part in this.

In the temple premises, beautification of Tulsi and Lakshmi Narayan gardens will be done. Deluxe toilets will also be constructed for the convenience of devotees. Parking will be made to park the vehicle near the sloping road going to the cremation ground from the Vishnupad temple. Marketing Complex will be constructed in the temple premises, in which 40 shops will be constructed. Also a center for a bed will be opened for primary treatment. Soft water will also be arranged in the premises. The shade will be built on both the holy places in the Karsili hill. With the tree planting on Devghat, the terrace for the devotees will also be constructed. Changing form will also be constructed.

The main purpose of the beautification of the temple complex is that devotees who come here do not face any kind of problem. Also, they take a good image here. Preparations are being made to make the campus attractive. Under the scheme, the work of beautification of renewable and Brahma Sarovar is underway. The beautification work will be completed in both places before the Paternity Fair.

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