New Delhi’s Blind Rape Victim Wants To Withdraw Police Case

A 20-year-old blind woman from Delhi’s Karol Bag, who was allegedly gang raped by 2 or 3 men earlier this month has said that her family is withdrawing the police complaint they had filed.

The family took the decision after the victim’s uncle, a rickshaw puller committed suicide, leaving them with no means to continue the legal battle, reported Hindustan Times.

As per the family, the victim’s uncle was the only income producer in the family. After the incident, he had committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree near the makeshift tent they were living in.

The victim added that her uncle had broken down over this horrific incident and had started drinking heavily since the incident.

The blind woman who lived with her uncle and mother was raped on May 4, when her mother had gone to fetch water. 2 men forcefully took her from the one-room shanty, to an unoccupied room in the neighborhood and raped her.

According to the victim, there were at least 3 men in total and they raped her on their turns. She could only identify one of them named Chotu Pal, an e-rickshaw driver, whom she identified from his voice.

Police arrested Chotu Pal and which led them to catch the remaining of his two associates. Police stated that the rape was committed by only 1 man while 2 others stood guard outside.

The woman, youngest of five siblings had lost her eyesight in an accident ten years ago.

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