After Karnataka, these 4 states come in action, against BJP

The BJP, which emerged as the largest party in the Karnataka assembly elections, has formed a government in the state. Despite not having a majority, B. S. Yeddyurappa took oath as chief minister of the state on Thursday morning. With the help of the Karnataka formula, the opposition parties have joined, against BJP. Even Goa, Bihar, Manipur and Meghalaya present government are also working on a strategy to overcome BJP.

In Goa, where Congress leaders have sought for time to meet the governor, after this, even in Bihar, Tejaswi Yadav has done the same. And now in Manipur, former Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh, in Meghalaya, former CM Mukul Sangma sought time to meet the governor.

From recent past we know that, all these leaders have the biggest party in their respective states, but the power is in the hands of the BJP. All the parties are now trying to circumvent the Karnataka Formula as applied by BJP.

What happened in Goa?

Goa Congress State President Girish Chodankar has sought time to meet Governor Mridula Sinha. The Congress may also request the governor to adopt the Karnataka Formula in Goa. The Congress argues that when the largest party in Karnataka is invited to form the government, then it should be the same in Goa.

When the results of 40 assembly seats of Goa had came, the situation was exactly the same as that of Karnataka. Congress emerged as the largest party with 16 seats, but was away from the majority. The BJP had captured 14 seats and formed the government in collaboration with other parties.

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Tejaswi in Bihar becomes active

Like Goa, RJD has become active in Bihar too. Former Deputy Chief Minister, Tejaswi Yadav has sought time to meet the governor. Tejaswi Yadav will meet Governor Satyapal Malik on Friday with all his MLAs. Tejaswi says that because his party is the biggest party in Bihar, he should also get an opportunity to form a government.

Circumstances in Manipur

There are 60 seats in Manipur, that is, the party with 31 seats would have formed the government with majority. The Congress had won 28 seats and BJP 21 seats. But the BJP formed the government by collaborating with the other parties including the NPP.

Congress in Meghalaya was blown

The biggest blow to the Congress was given by the BJP in the Meghalaya elections. Here Congress won 20 seats, while BJP has only 2 seats. Despite this, the BJP formed the government with six parties led by NPP.

What has happened in Karnataka?

When the results came in Karnataka on May 15, BJP emerged as the largest party with 104 seats. At the same time, the Congress and JDS came together after the results, both of them had 116 seats. But the invitation to form the government was received by the BJP and on Thursday the new government took the pledge.

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