VK Singh arrives in North Korea, first Indian minister to do so in 20 years

The NDA government of the Center has started taking shocking diplomatic decisions in the recent years. First, the unofficial dialogue of PM Narendra Modi with the President of China, then the decision of such a second dialogue with the Russian President and now contacting North Korea. While giving a very strong signal to the diplomatic circle around the world, Minister of State for External Affairs, General VK Singh, reached North Korea’s capital Pyongyang on 15th May, and met with top officials of the Cabinet of Kim Jong-un.

This trip of General Singh is not important just because there is a discussion between India and North Korea at the government level after two decades, but it also shows the increasing confidence of India in diplomatic terms.

On behalf of the Ministry of External Affairs, it has been told that General Singh arrived on a two-day visit on request of the North Korean government. Issues related to the existing diplomatic, economic, educational and cultural cooperation between the two countries were discussed here.

Ministers of North Korea briefed the Minister of State for External Affairs about the current peace talks, with South Korea.

India specifically expressed concerns about the illegal business of nuclear technology related to its neighboring country. In response, North Korea assured that they will not take any steps to harm Indian security as an Allied nation.

Matter for establishing close cooperation between the two countries in many areas, along with making close relationship between the common people of both nations, were discussed. Help given by India in the field of Yoga and traditional medicine were also discussed.

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Importance of General Singh’s Pyongyang visit

It is being believed that General Singh has gone to Pyongyang through China and has given an indication to the US that India will take diplomatic steps only according to its interests.

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