19 Year Old, Once CBSE Topper, Gang Raped In Rewari, Haryana

NEW DELHI: A 19-year-old girl in the Indian state of Haryana was brutally gang raped after getting abducted in broad daylight on Wednesday, September 12, while returning from her coaching class.

The girl is a class topper and has previously been awarded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for topping the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education, India) board exams.

The incident is said to have happened in Kanina town of Mahendergarh district, Haryana. Police sources said that she was allegedly kidnapped on Wednesday by the accused who were in a car and took her to a farm in Jhajjar where she was gang-raped after being offered a drink laced with sedatives.

After the kidnappers raped her, a few other men who were already present there took turns. As per the victim, all the men are from her village.

They later dumped the girl, who was still drugged, at the same bus stand in Kanina from where she was abducted at around 4pm. The accused then called her home to inform her parents that their daughter is lying unconscious at the bus stop.

Later they left her in an unconscious state near a bus stop in Kanina. Upon knowing the incident, the girl’s parents rushed to the spot and brought her home.

A Zero FIR was registered at the Women Police Station in Rewari against 3 youths of Naya Gaon village based on the complaint filed by her kin.

The zero FIR was converted into a regular FIR this morning after it was transferred to the police station under whose area of watch the crime took place.

As per rules, a zero FIR is filed in a police station which is not in charge of the area where the crime took place and can be later transferred to the concerned Police Station.