BJP MLA Ram Kadam Tweets That Sonali Bendre Died, Later Deletes

NEW DELHI: Just days after Maharashtra BJP lawmaker Ram Kadam faced a backlash for his comment bragging to young men that he would help youngsters “kidnap” a girl even if she rejects them, former Maharashtra minister and Congress leader Subodh Saoji told to ANI that “I am announcing a Rs 5-lakh reward for anyone who chops off BJP MLA Ram Kadam’s tongue. I strongly condemn him saying girls should be abducted.”

Kadam sparked off a storm of protest with his remarks at a Dahi Handi (Janmashtami) celebration in Mumbai on Monday.

A video clip showed him saying that youngsters often seek his help after girls reject their proposals.

The BJP MLA had even shared his phone number as a ‘helpline’ with the youngsters in the crowd. “If you have proposed to a girl and she has rejected you, I will help you 100 per cent. Come to me with your parents and say that they approve of her. Then, I will catch her and bring her to you,” Kadam had said.

Senior BJP minister Chandrakant Patil came out in the MLA’s support on Friday. “Since he has apologised, the issue should end now. Kadam does not have a history of making controversial remarks about women. However, his history is of helping women and thousands of women in his constituency tie him rakhi for years.”

Second Controversy

Adding more to this controversial statement, Kadam posted a tweet condoling the death of Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre, currently undergoing treatment for cancer in New York.

On Friday afternoon, Kadam tweeted in Marathi about the that Bollywood actor Sonali Bendre died in the US and is no more and offering prayers for her. The message (translated from Marathi) read, “Sonali Bendre, the actress who ruled Hindi and Marathi cinema and was dear to all, is no more”.

Half-an-hour later, he deleted that tweet after facing massive backlash and realising that the news was not true. People took screenshots of his original tweet and critised Kadam.

Ram Kadam deleted tweet
Screenshot of Ram Kadam Deleted Tweet regarding Sonali Bendre’s death

After deleting his tweet, he tweeted again stating “About Sonali Bendre ji It was rumour . Since last two days .. I pray to God for her good health & speedy recovery”.

Bendre revealed in July that she has been diagnosed with a metastatic cancer and is undergoing treatment in New York.