Ahmedabad-Puri Express moves 15 km without engine

An accident with Ahmedabad-Puri Super Fast Express escaped. The train ran for 15 kilometers without an engine on Saturday. This case belongs to the Titlagarh Railway Station. In this case, two railway employees have been suspended. However, all passengers aboard the train are safe during this period.

This train was heading towards Kesinga. The railway employees have to apply skid break on the wheel of coaches to prevent these type of incidents. According to the rules, they have to break even. When the engine is removed from the train, it is placed from the other side. During this time train coaches are stopped at their place by putting a skid brake.

In this case, there is a possibility that either skid breaks were not installed or applied, they were not properly installed. The facts of the case will be revealed only after investigation. Running without a train of up to 15 km without any engine could get off the track, though it did not happen.

After the incident, the engine was sent from Titlagarh at around 11 pm on Saturday to take train coaches. This incident took place because, after the Titlagarh, the railway line is on the slope. Therefore, the train without an engine continued in the direction of the slope.

The GM of the East Coast Railway has said, “Strict action will be taken against those who have played the rules of the safety of the Railways.” No agreement will be made to protect the passengers. If any railway employee is found guilty, he will be prosecuted. ‘

At the same time, Sambalpur DRM has said that the employees who did not adopt the engine shutting processor have been suspended. The DRM has ordered an inquiry into the level of senior officer in this case.

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