Salman Khan gets bail, released from jail

After being released from jail, Salman is leaving for special flight to Mumbai. Salman Khan spent two nights in Jodhpur Central Jail this time. On Thursday, a Jodhpur court had convicted Salman and sentenced to five years in the case of black-diamond hunting for nearly 20 years.

The Jodhpur District Sessions Court had heard Salman’s bail application on Friday, but due to lack of record of the lower court, the hearing was postponed till Saturday.

The crowd gathered outside the Jodhpur court complex since Saturday morning. As soon as the bail was granted to the court, Salman’s fans started jumping and dancing in joy.

This is the fourth case related to the prey of black deer. In the rest of the cases, Salman Khan has been acquitted. This case of hunting is of 1998.

According to the prosecution, this incident of hunting has happened when all these people were staying in Jodhpur for the shooting of the film ‘Hum Saath Hain Hain’.

Jodhpur Chief Judicial Magistrate Devkumar Khatri had on Thursday convicted Salman. In his judgment, he had said that species of antelopic black cervical cervicapra are becoming extinct, thereby harming ecological balance.

CJM Khatri gave written verdict of 201 pages while pronouncing sentence.

In his decision in the judgment, he said that Salman Khan is a well-known artist, to whom common people do follow, despite this he has hunted black deer.

In this case, along with Salman Khan, film actor Saif Ali Khan, actress Sonali Bendre, Tabu, Neelam and Dushyant were also accused.

But the court convicted Salman Khan and acquitted all the rest.

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