ISRO Satellite GSAT-6A Fails, looses contact


The Indian Space Research Center (ISRO) usually keeps up to date information about its satellites, but 48 hours after the launch of the communication satellite GSAT-6A, there has been no update from ISRO on this. According to news reports, the last update about the satellite GSAT-6A was found on March 23 at 9.22 in the morning when it crossed the first grade. People associated with the campaign said that the satellite also passed the second class in a normal way, but there was some problem immediately after that, it is being estimated that there is a technical failure in the satellite.

Launched on March 29

Significantly, the Indian rocket carrying the GSAT-6A, a communications satellite of India, was successfully launched from Sriharikota Space Center in Andhra Pradesh on Thursday (March 29). The countdown to the GSLV rocket launch was normally continued on Thursday morning. According to the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), the countdown began on Wednesday (March 28) at 1.56 pm. During this time the fuel in the rocket was filled and its systems were examined.

Satellite built at a cost of 270 million

The 415.6 ton weights and 49.1 meter long GSLV rockets, which was built at a cost of 270 million, was launched at 4.56 pm in the evening from the second launch pad in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. About 17 minutes after rocket launch, the GSAT-6A satellite was installed in its orbital path. According to ISRO, in the second phase of the rocket this time, two improvements have been made, including high-speed development engine and electromechanical activation system (electrical processing system). ISRO had said that GSAT-6A satellites are similar to GSAT-6 satellites.

Problems in Satellite’s Power Systems

ISRO people related to the case said that there has been a serious problem with the Satellite. He said, ‘Scientist and engineers have been busy eradicating this problem day and night. There have been some problems in the power system of the satellite. However, no information has been provided on behalf of the top officials of ISRO that what has happened in the satellite and what has been done to improve it. For the last time, one of the ISRO missions failed on August 31, 2017, when PSLV failed to launch IRNSS-1H satellite.

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