Fodder scam: Lalu Yadav sentenced to 14 years in jail, fined Rs 60 lakh in fourth case

The special court of Ranchi today sentenced 7 years in jail to Lalu Prasad, in the case of illegal withdrawal from the Dumka Treasury of the Fodder scam. In addition, 30 lakh in the PC and 30 lakh in the IPC has also been imposed.

<Lalu sentenced 7 years in prison

Lalu Prasad and Om Prakash Divakar were sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment under the IPC and Rs 30 lakh fine. In the same PC Act Section 7 year sentence and 30 lakh penalty has been imposed. In this case, both of them have to be punished for 14 years.

The court of special CBI judge Shivpal Singh sentenced the 19 convicts, the court has imposed a fine of three and a half years for the supplier and fined 15 lakh rupees. At the same time, the doctor and officer has been fined 15 and 15 years in the section of the PC Act and for the last three and a half years in the section of the IPC, a total 7 years sentence and fine. The total fine will be 30 lakh rupees. The court has said that the sentences heard in the IPC and PC Act will run separately.

Lalu’s troubles have increased greatly and now he has to be punished for 14 years. Such is the case of OP Diwakar seven-seven-year sentence. The sentence of 19 people, including Laloo Yadav, has been announced.

Laloo’s lawyer has put it down – Sir, will reduce the punishment

Let him know that Laloo’s health is not good and he is admitted to Rims Hospital in Ranchi and during his video conferencing during the announcement of the sentence, there was a court appearance. It may be noted that Lalu’s lawyer had requested the court to reduce his sentence.

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The lawyer had told the court that Lalu has been 70 years old and he is suffering from many diseases. But the court barred Lalu’s lawyer’s request. According to the court, if Laloo does not pay the fine then he will have to spend one year extra punishment.

What was the Dumka Treasury case

It is understood that in the case of illegal withdrawal of about Rs 3.76 crore from Dumka Treasury of Bihar (now Jharkhand), there were 31 accused including Lalu Prasad Yadav in the RC 38A / 96 case. In this case, the CBI court had completed the hearing on March 5.

Lalu Yadav has been found guilty of illegally evacuation of 3.76 crore from Dumka Treasury between December 1995 and January 1996 through 96 bogus vouchers. These money were taken out in the name of distribution of animal food items, medicines and agricultural equipment. At that time the limit of allocation of money was only one lakh 50 thousand. When it was done, Laloo was the Chief Minister at that time.

Convicted in three cases

Lalu Yadav has been convicted in three cases in the fodder scam till now. Lalu has got five-five years in the two cases of Chai Basa Treasury and three-and-a-half-year sentence in the Devghar Treasury case. Along with this, Lalu was convicted in the Dumka Treasury scam case.

The fifth case of the Fodder scam involving Donda Treasury is the biggest, in which about 139.35 crore is illegal allegation. Apart from this, Lalu is accused in another case of Bhagalpur.

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Lalu, currently serving a sentence in Ranchi prison

At present, Lalu Prasad is serving a sentence in Ranchi. The order of the Supreme Court has consistently been hearing fast in the fodder scam. The result of this is that incessant decisions are being made after one by one in cases of fodder scam.