Bike Rider Shot Salesman Dead In Sonipat

HARYANA: Crime rate in Sonipat is increasing day by day if we see in recent past. A biker shot a salesmen dead and escaped from the spot. After reaching the spot, the police has sent the dead body to the Civil Hospital for post-mortem.

At the same time, the relatives said that there was no animosity with anyone. Police said that after the bike rider shot the victim, he asked about why did he did not stop the liquor contract. Right now the police is investigating the case.

The incident is from Barota village situated on Safiyabad road. A body was found inside the liquor shop. This person was identified as Balinder. He used to work as a salesman here. On Thursday, a bike rider shot him dead and managed to escape. The relatives who arrived at the spot told that there was no animosity with them either.

Kundli police station in-charge informed that the salesmen have been shot dead. Further investigation is in process.

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