12-Hour Hostage Situation In Bhopal Ends With Love Story

BHOPAL: A 12-hour hostage drama in Bhopal ended this evening with a twist. The hostage-taker is a casting director, and the hostage is a model. They told the police they want to marry.

At 6 this morning, 30-year-old Rohit entered the house of the model on the fifth floor of an apartment building in Bhopal’s Misrod area and bolted the door from inside. The woman had reportedly opened the door for him.

His demand was that the woman should marry him. Rohit claimed the two knew each other from Mumbai where they earlier worked, and were in love. The families were against their marriage. And that prompted Rohit to take this drastic measure, police said.

On hearing the commotion in the morning, the neighbours called the police, who tried to first force their way in, but were unsuccessful. Sub-inspector GS Rajput earlier in the day said he was attacked with a scissor by Rohit, when he tried to barge in. Rohit also had a country-made gun and claimed he would kill himself if his demand was not met.

From there, the police changed tact. They began talking to Rohit through video chat and even used a hydraulic lift of the fire brigade to approach the window of the fifth floor to try and talk to him. Amidst hectic negotiations, Rohit demanded food, water, a mobile charger and a stamp paper.

He could be seen flashing a victory sign from the heavily grilled window, and had even convinced the model to write down on the stamp paper that she would in fact marry him, police said.

It took two policemen and a sub-divisional magistrate hours to convince Rohit and let the police inside the apartment. Both Rohit and the woman have been taken for medical treatment.

“We have rescued the girl, her condition is stable. She has been sent for medical treatment. The man (who held her hostage) has also been sent for medical treatment,” said Superintendent of Police Rahul Lodha.

The police say they have counselled the two and told them there is nothing wrong in two consenting adults wanting to marry each other. However, it is not clear, what charges will be filed against Rohit, who was carrying a country-made pistol.

We tried to take them in confidence. That if you want to marry each other… They felt if the administration wants to help us… we spoke to the woman as well“, said Sub-Divisional Magistrate Disha Nagvanshi.


Rohit, who took model as hostage, was also trouble for the family. In May, when he came in Lodha to join the sister’s wedding and demanded money for the assault, he also fighted with the family members. Angry by this, his father Reshampal ousted him from the property. They also informed the police after its legal process. Rohit came to Bhopal just two days ago.

Reshampal, resident of Lodha village, is the only bread winner, and earns by doing wages. The economic situation of the family is very bad. Rohit is the son, who studied up to the high school. There are two sisters, who have got married. Two and a half years ago Rohit had did theft in the village, on which some people did beat him. After that he fled to Mumbai. There he started working in a studio and came in contact with the model. He started putting pressure on the model for marriage.

In January, the model came to her house, Bhopal. In February, Rohit reached her house and showed a pistol and took her to the terrace. Then somehow he left the model. The police also came from Lodha in search of him. After this incident, the families did not send the model to Mumbai. Rohit used to tell the model that he has a factory in Aligarh. On going home, he showed the model’s photo to the people of the village. He used to say that she does not want to come to the village, so marriage is delayed.

When a phone call came from a police officer from Bhopal on Friday evening, his father said, “Sir, please do whatever you wants, now I have nothing to do with him.

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