Surya Shashikumar Arrested Along Mother And Sister For Printing Fake Notes

KOLLAM: Dreams of people coming to the glamor world are very big. But when some of these dreams are not fulfilled, they catch the wrong way. A TV actress in Kerala also adopted the shortcut to complete her dreams and started printing currency notes at home. The name of this actress is Surya Shashikumar, who has worked in several serials broadcast on Kerala TV channels. Police have seized the tools and instrument which were used to make fake notes from Surya’s house.

Police have arrested actress Surya Shishakumar, her mother Ramadevi and sister Shruthi for printing fake currency notes. According to the police, the three used to print fake notes at their house. Surya Shashikumar was working to print counterfeit notes to compensate her expenses.

The police team led by police officer VS Sunil Kumar arrested Surya and her family members on Wednesday. Sunil Kumar told that he got every kind of material from the actress’s house to print the note. He said that on Thursday two other people were arrested, making the number of people arrested in this case to be eight. All the arrested persons were sent to judicial custody on Thursday. They said, “We got fake notes of two lakh rupees from there. We seized the other materials used in making paper, printers and fake notes. There was so much material on his house that the fake notes of Rs 50 lakhs could be printed.

Police officer said that the actress and her family have admitted that they were printing fake notes from September last year. These people were working to compensate for their losses. However, the police say that the investigation is going on and some more people might also be involved in this case.

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