With the establishment of the Kalash, the nine-day Navaratri starts


With the establishment of the Kalash, the nine-day Chaitra Navaratri started from Sunday. During this time the temples of the mother Durga Maa were decorated in a grand way in the city and rural areas. From morning till morning, devotees of the devotees started worshiping in the temples. As the Navaratri starts, the worship of the Vedic mantras begins in the temples and houses. During this nine-day long worship, many people forbid salt and stay on the fruits. After giving a havan on the date of the date, after completing the offerings offered to the mother, she concludes her fast in a devotional environment. This Navaratri is also considered as special significance. There is a crowd of devotees in the temples of Bhasasur Devi Temple, Mangalasthan, Maghara, Basar Bigha, Sohsarai, Jalalpur, on the filling up with worship. At the same time many people started reciting with the mantra chanting in their homes, with the establishment of the urn. Earlier, with complete cleanliness of the houses, people have gathered to celebrate this festival with complete purity. In total, the city and the village take Navratri into the devotional atmosphere.

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