Town & Country Magazine turns back invited Monica Lewinsky Because Of Bill Clinton

Town & Country magazine reverted invitation of Monica Lewinsky from its annual philanthropic summit on Wednesday because Bill Clinton was attending.

Lewinsky tweeted, somewhat sarcastically, on Wednesday:

Town & Country did not immediately respond to a request for comment. President Clinton attended the summit on Wednesday. He introduced Emma Gonzalez, an advocate for gun control and also one of the survivor of the mass shooting of Feb 14 in Parkland, Florida.

Clinton mentioned to the spokesperson that he did not knew about Lewinsky being dis-invited.

“President Clinton was invited to address the Town & Country Philanthropy Summit” press secretary Angel Ureña said on Twitter. “He gladly accepted. Neither he nor his staff knew anything about the invitation or it being rescinded.”

HuffingtonPost confirmed with attendees that Lewinsky was uninvited from the summit.

Lewinsky was famously had an affair with Clinton, while he was in office. Lewinsky has seen her profile and reputation rise along with the current #MeToo moment. Many have acknowledged the sexist way she was villainized by the press and many politicians in the 90’s.

This move by Town & Country shocked many ― particularly at a time when women are finally being heard after sexual harassment issues and #MeToo movement.

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″@townandcountry should be ashamed of themselves. Do they let their heads of the magazine prey on their interns?” Judd Apatow, hollywood producer tweeted on Wednesday. “Would they disinvite them after abusing their power to get what they wanted from them?”

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