US warns of consequences to China on militarisation on the 3 South China Sea islands

Conflicts in China and the United States can once again rise in South China Sea. In this area, the United States has threatened to face the consequences of deploying fatal missiles by China. During the media briefing of the White House, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said that the US is aware of all the activities of China in South China Sea. We have expressed concern directly with China. Now there will be some consequences for this issue. Let China know its right over this area. Missiles have been deployed on three islands in the last 30 days.

China has deployed missile systems in South China Sea

For the last several days, speculation was being made that China is engaged in setting up its military system in South China Sea. In some recent reports of the American media, it was claimed that China has deployed missiles at three places in the disputed area.

On Thursday, China itself, asserting these conclusions, said that its unquestioned sovereignty on South China Sea. It has been reported that China has deployed deadly anti-ship cruise missiles and ground-to-air missile systems on three islands of the region.

China said – these are our island

The activities of China in South China Sea were disclosed a few days ago by the American media. These reports said that China has deployed missiles at Fieri Cross Reef, Subi Reef and Misschief Reef within just 30 days.

On Thursday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry issued the statement defending its move. It was said that China has no sovereignty of dispute over all the islands of Nansha Island (Spartley) and its nearby islands. Foreign Ministry spokesman Hu Jie Chiang said that China will continue its activities to maintain its integrity and sovereignty in this area.

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China is continuously increasing occupancy

China has claimed its claim on South China Sea. China has built 7 Island, Missile Station, Hanger and Radar stations in the region in the past. Since the assumption of President Donald Trump, there is a panic over China and America between South China Sea.

During his tenure as President, Barack Obama has also protested against the growing occupation of China on South China Sea. China has always been challenging America with its occupation in Western Pacific.

What is the South China Sea controversy?

  • About 35 million square km area of ​​South China Sea is disputed. It has been claiming China, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei.
  • This trade is more than 5 trillion US Dollars per year from this sea. Here are the large reservoirs of oil and gas. According to the US, there are 213 billion barrels of oil and 900 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in this area.
  • Vietnam has invited India to join efforts to find oil in this area. China, after turning a large project into the end of 2013, changed the water immersed reef area into Artificial Island.

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