Bug found in Twitter, Company asks 33 million users to immediately change their password

Twitter has asked about 33 million users to immediately change their password, citing security reasons. The company has also given this information from its official handle. Twitter has said that a bug in their software was recently discovered, due to which the passwords of the users became unsafe. However, the company claims that the problem has been resolved and there is no tampering or misuse of data of users.

Advice to users to change their password

Parag Agarwal, chief technology officer(CTO) of the company, told in a blog post Thursday that Twitter has solved the problem. However, they have advised users to change their password.

How does Twitter protect Users Password?

Twitter uses a technique called Hashing for it. Through this, the real password is changed to a code.
But due to a bug, the password of Twitter users was being saved in its original form instead of code. This could make hackers easier to find the password and crores of people could have data in danger. However, the company has endured trouble over time.

Pop-up window to change password

Company is now giving change option to change password in the pop-up window. Users can change their password directly by clicking on this page.

Users Need to Know Everything: Twitter CEO

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted that it is important for us to talk openly about this inner fault. At the same time, the company’s Chief Technical Officer Parag Agrawal said, “We are sharing this information with the users so that people can make a decision with information on the security of their accounts. We think this is the right thing. “

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