Taiwan Train Accident Kills At Least 18

YILAN: At least 18 people were dead and 142 others injured after a train derailed on Taiwan’s east coast on Sunday afternoon (Oct 21), authorities said.

The government said the train had been carrying 366 people, and the Central News Agency said more than 30 were still trapped on board.

The Puyuma Express 6432 service reportedly came off the tracks close to Xinma station, near the town of Su’ao about 70km (43 miles) from Taipei, leaving dozens of passengers trapped inside.

The deputy chief of the Taiwan Railways Administration, Lu Chieh-shen, told a news conference on Sunday that the train was only six years old and had been in “pretty good condition” before the accident.

Taiwan’s central government said that rescue services were at the scene and that the premier had been notified and was highly concerned over the safety of the travellers.

Eight carriages came off the tracks in total, with the fifth completely overturned.

Yilan County Fire Bureau have announced there are no foreign passengers among those dead or injured.

President of the Legislative Yuan, Su Jia-chyuan (蘇嘉全), has expressed condolences to the victims in an open letter on his Facebook page. The DPP politician asks for everyone’s thoughts and prayers.

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