Climate change is creating more and more glacial lakes in Austria

Rapid increase in recent years: 250 new lakes have emerged since the end of the “Little Ice Age”.

Vienna / Salzburg – Since the end of the so-called “Little Ice Age” in the middle of the 19th century, glaciers are shrinking in Austria, and their melted water has collected in 250 new lakes, according to geologist Jan-Christoph Otto on the edge of the Austrian Climate Day in Salzburg.

However, most of them were recently created by global warming. Current models predict that more lakes will soon be added to the Grossglockner, for example. Over the past 170 years, Otto, who works at the Department of Geography and Geology at the University of Salzburg, has traced the formation of glacial lakes in the Austrian Alps and used computer models to find out which ones are expected in the future.

Ever since the end of the last cold period (“little ice age”) new lakes have formed in the glacier forefields, especially many since the 1980s, he added.

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