‘Lewis Arthur Charles’, the name of new British Royal Baby

Recently the Duchess of Cambridge Royal Highness Kate Middleton became the mother of her third child. Royal Baby has been named and according to the information, this baby named Louise Arthur Charles has been named. Prince Lewis will be the fifth successor to the British throne after Dada Prince Charles, Father Prince William and his two elder siblings. .

Kensington Palace said in a statement, “Cambridge’s Duke and Duchess are happy to announce that they have named their son “Louis Arthur Charles.” “The child will be known as the Cambridge of Royal Highness Prince Louis.

Although there is not a British royal lineage in this name, the name associated with the kings of France is usually of this type.

In the royal family, a new guest had arrived on Monday. Born on Monday, Louis weighed eight pounds and seven ounces (3.8 kg). Louis has brother as 4-year-old Prince George, and a sister as 2-year-old Princess Charlotte. Louis is the sixth grandson of Queen Elizabeth II.

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