Do You Have Any Black Friend? Airbnb Might Not Consider You

An Ontario student’s travel plans are in disarray after an Airbnb host named Grace, turned him away because his friend, a fellow traveller was black.

Corne Van Hoepen studies journalism in Toronto. He was planning to visit Vancouver, where he grew up, with a friend this summer. The duo booked a stay at the ‘High End Apartment at the Heart of Richmond Centre’ through Airbnb and paid for two nights to save money on their trip.

Van Hoepen told HuffPost that Grace (the host), started to ask him a series of bizarre questions.

Finally, about his friend, she asked, “Is he black?”

Screenshot of the conversation between Grace and Van Hoepen. Image credit: Huffpost

Unsure of how to respond, Van Hoepen consulted with his friend, who told him he was proud to be black and that he should answer honestly.

When he told Grace that his friend was black, she allegedly told him to cancel the reservation because black people were not allowed in her building. Van Hoepen contacted the building’s manager who confirmed that what Grace was telling him was not true and that’s when he felt sure that she was acting out of racism.

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