Six Terrorists Arrested In Attempt To Assassinate Venezuelan President Nicolas Madura

CARACAS: The Venezuelan government today said it had arrested six “terrorists” in connection with attempt to assassinate President Nicolas Madura. Home and Justice Minister Nestor Reverol announced the arrest on the government television. He said that many vehicles have been seized and many hotels have been raided in Caracas.

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Previously, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was attacked during a program. In which he luckily survived. Maduro was delivering speech at the celebration of 81 years of National Guard in capital Caracas, when some explosives fell down near him. After this he stopped the speech in the middle and Caracas army immediately took the President to a safe place there.

The government said that seven soldiers were injured in this incident. Nicolas Maduro said on the official channel after the incident, “The attack was done to kill me, they tried to kill me today“.

The president said that some have been arrested in the attack and investigations are on. Maduro claimed that this attack might have been carried out by neighboring countries Colombia and the unknown “financiers” of America. At the same time, many of his officials have blamed Venezuela’s opposition camp for the attack.

An Colombian official refuted the allegations while talking to AFP on condition of anonymity. He said that the allegations of Maduro are “baseless“. According to the photographs shown on Venezuela’s official television, Maduro was suddenly abruptly shouting at the time when there was a sound of a few drops, only then the soldiers of the National Guard came in immediately and spread all over the area.

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