UK Issuing Visas To Foreigners Who Married Teenagers Forcefully

An investigation by The Times, claims that dozens of women who were sent overseas to marry tried to block visas for their husbands. But records show in nearly half their cases, visas were issued.

Young girls are being raped after being forced into marriage against their will, to man of double the girl’s age abroad while the Government turns a blind eye by handing their husbands entrance visas, an investigation has uncovered.

Rubie Marie, a victim, was just 15 when she was taken to Bangladesh during the school holidays and forced to marry a 30-year-old man. She told, she was “dressed up like a doll” while her uncle took bids for her from men in a village.

The revelations came after Home Office officials were contacted by women who wanted admission stopped for men they had been made to marry in countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and the United Arab Emirates.

They knew it was easy to get a visa if you marry a British girl, even if she is under-age“, she told the Times. Rubie, who grew up in Wales with six siblings, was taken to Bangladesh before her GCSE exams.

It’s now bee claimed victims are being let down because lawyers who help their families to secure visas for their husbands behind the bride’s back.

After a six-month investigation The Times revealed that in some cases men are raping girls and making them pregnant because they believe a child will help a visa application.

The Times investigation also uncovered figures showing the Home Office last year handled 88 cases in which 42 of the visas were still granted, victims wanted to block visas for the men they were made to marry.In 10 more cases, the decision is still pending or an appeal is being heard.

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