Japan’s Chiba Institute Releases Robot CanguRo, Making Shopping Easier

The Chiba Institute of Technology has unveiled a robot called CanguRo, meaning kangaroo in Italian, that can move about on its own. It is having AI capabilities and can be used as robot or a personal mobility vehicle, well at least which can carry your groceries too while shopping.

It is a three-wheeler equipped with a throttle to control forward and backward movement. The maximum speed of 10 kilometers per hour can be achieved by this robot.

The developer said it aimed to make use of the robot at shopping malls and construction sites by sometime around 2020.

The 64-kilogram CanguRo, shown to the press on Wednesday, has two front wheels and one rear wheel. A long, slightly curved bar rises from the rear half of its squat body and extends forward like the neck of a kangaroo. A pair of handlebars on the end of the neck resembles the kangaroo’s ears.

A laser device and a camera mounted in the “head” enable the robot to recognize its surroundings so that it can move autonomously while avoiding obstacles. CanguRo also can carry bags on shopping trips or go pick people up, acting just like a human partner.

It is capable of driving itself by analyzing real-time mapping along with the use of image recognition and positioning data, the institute said.

When switched to ‘ride mode’, CanguRo transforms into a mini motorbike-like vehicle by spreading its front wheels and popping up a saddle from the back of its neck. It can run at about 15 kph carrying a person“, the developer said.

CanguRo is scheduled to be showcased at Japan House in Los Angeles this summer, an exhibition center set up to promote Japanese products and culture.

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